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Today, it rained.

The rain is thin, just like thin wool. The raindrop is very naughty. It jumps up and down on the glass, as if it were jumping high in the competition. It is sliding up and down the slide, playing! It walks up and down on the children's heads, as if walking!

The raindrops make a "scratching" sound on the glass and a "banging" sound on the umbrella. They must be screaming in pain!

The raindrop is like a free elf, it shuttles freely in the beautiful city without worry.

What a beautiful rain!







Today, when I was going home, it suddenly began to rain. At first, it didn't rain much, but then it rained more and more. I quickly told Dad to drive faster and get home quickly. But when we get home, it gets bigger.

I don't like the rain very much, because it is very cold and I have to take an umbrella. If I don't take an umbrella, my clothes will get wet, which is too troublesome. Once, when I went to the guest's house to play, I played until 7 o'clock in the evening. When I came home, it rained cats and dogs. I forgot to bring my umbrella. I called my father again and asked him to take the risk to send me an umbrella. Then I went home safely.




The summer sun is hot, so it should be raining heavily to cool off. At noon, the sky suddenly blew violently, and dark clouds fell down.

After a while, there was thunder and heavy rain. Wow, it's raining harder and harder. A bee came under the lotus leaf to take shelter from the rain. Swim down the fish and say; Are you tired, bee? Do you want to go to the underwater amusement park?' Said the little fish; "But what if I'm afraid the water won't fly in?" Said the little fish; I have an idea. "Said the little fish vomited a big bubble, and the bee rode the bubble to the underwater amusement park, and it ran forward quickly. After playing with water guns, merry-go-round, roller coasters … tired of playing, he said to the little fish, "I'm going back to collect honey. Come and play with you next time. So the little fish blew a big bubble and brought the bees back to the water. The sun came out. The bee began to gather honey again.




This morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, I heard the sound of rushing outside the window. I quickly got up and was ready to open a door. It turned out that it was raining cats and dogs outside the window, which was why it made that sound.

After dinner, I stood by the window to see the heavy rain. It was really raining. The misty mist covered everything in the distance like a white scarf. I couldn't see the tall buildings, the green mountains, the blue sky, and the white clouds. I could only hear the sound of rain and the traffic coming and going. Suddenly, a gust of wind came head-on, and the cool wind eliminated the heat of my summer vacation and gave me coolness The rain stopped, and the fog in the distance gradually dispersed. People opened the windows one after another, and let fresh air flow in their own homes. The road was wet. In that pool, this pool, birds chirped in the branches, as if admiring the rain. I watched all this happily.

It's raining really well, eliminating the heat and washing away the dust on the road. If it rains often, it would be nice!





On Wednesday, I don't have English class, so my mother and I went to the library to borrow books in the afternoon. Not long after arriving, it began to rain. My mother and I hurried to the library gate.

On the open space in front of the main gate, the heavy rain fell on the ground as if it were a pearl. When it fell to the ground, it jumped into a splash on the ground. The water accumulates more and more, laying flat on the ground. When the wind blows, the water is like a spray, and the water flows wherever the wind blows. As soon as the wind stopped, the water rolled up and slapped on the ground, causing another splash.

It has been raining incessantly, now it is big and now it is small. My mother and I took advantage of the light rain to hurry home by bus. It keeps raining on the road, sometimes it will hail!

After a while, I finally got home. However, when we got to the gate, the street in front of the gate was flooded. So my mother and I took off our shoes and walked in the water. The water suddenly flooded my knees. We walked slowly, but I almost broke my foot on the way to Stone.

What a beautiful rain scene!







In the morning, I woke up and heard the sound of ticking outside. I opened the window and looked out. It was gray, and a cool wind came on me. It rained.

Beans of rain fell from the sky, on the roof, on the trees and on the earth, playing beautiful songs. Pedestrians on the road opened the umbrella and walked carefully on the road. The rain fell on the umbrella and crackled and slid down the umbrella to the ground. Leaves and grass were washed clean by the rain, turned green, and small pits were accumulated on the ground ... Cars drove by, splashing water, and then fell back to the ground, turning into streams and flowing into the river.

The rain became smaller, my mother and I went downstairs, breathing fresh air, and the light rain fell on my face, which was cool and really comfortable.





Today, when school was over, the weather was not beautiful, and the sky was covered with dark clouds. In a short time, lightning flashed through the sky, and the thunder was earth-shattering. Suddenly, it rained cats and dogs. Xiaoming and Xiaohong had already returned home from school and were looking at the rain outside the window. Suddenly, both of them cried out in unison: "Mr. Wang is still at school. How can Mr. Wang go home without an umbrella in such a heavy rain?" They quickly put on rain boots, ponchos and umbrellas, and walked quickly to school.

When they walked to the school gate, they looked over the office building. Sure enough, Mr. Wang was still attentively correcting his homework. They stood on tiptoe, went upstairs quietly, and put the umbrella gently at the office door. Xiaoming took out a pen and wrote on a piece of paper: Teacher, you have worked hard! On the way home, the rain was still heavy and urgent. They both imagined the scene when the teacher pushed open the door and saw the umbrella, and laughed happily.




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